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Thank you for visiting our website. To talk with us about estimating your vehicle, scheduling repairs,  your car rental or towing needs, please feel free to contact us at
203 874-5592.

Specializing in all luxury and high-end vehicles as well as your family car!

Wayne's Auto Body operates in a sizeable and expanding facility equipped with state-of-the-art collision repair equipment. Our technicians participate in extensive auto body and repair training procedures and through such training, technicians gain special awards and certificates demonstrating their ability to provide quality repairs. Wayne's Auto Body is committed to quality and professional auto body repair service and fully guarantees all frame, body, and paintwork services that are provided.

We offer all major Auto Body Services and look forward to being your one and only choice of Collision Repair Specialist. Stop by our friendly environment or give our office a call and let us show you what we can really do for all your needs.

5. Don't Admit Guilt.

We can arrange for rental vehicle pickup and dropoff and our complete towing service is also available.

Special tie-down equipment for motorcycles wider, longer, heavier vehicles are no problem.

So, we're always able to give your vehicle a GREAT new look!

We pay close attention to detail so you get your vehicle back looking like it did before your accident, if not, better! From dents and dings to major damage in sheet metal, fiberglass or carbon fiber, Wayne's Auto Body makes them disappear while bringing parts back in alignment to factory specifications. And the same goes for every item we replace or repair: trim, mirrors, lamp lenses, interior details, and more. We've even been know to straighten out a license plate or two!

Even more important than looking great, your repaired vehicle needs to have the structural integrity to protect you and your passengers. That's why we go beneath the surface to be sure when we return your vehicle it's safe to drive.

Top-quality parts are an expense that we always keep in mind. We use only the highest-quality parts, whether they're made by the original manufacturer, an after-market maker or used. We inspect every replacement part on arrival, and if it won't make your vehicle look its best, we send it back.

In making the final finish PERFECT, we want you to know that your vehicle's paint changes slightly over time so getting a repaired vehicle to look great means exactly matching and blending repainted surfaces with the surfaces we don't touch, so the polished product looks uniformly great. For that, we use the latest in computerized paint matching and mixing technology. It helps that our experienced paint technicians are experts in "feathering," a technique that uses progressively more transparent shade of the new paint away from the repair so you can't see any difference between the old and new paint. This way the end result will look PERFECT for you.

Yes, it can be a nightmare working with insurance companies, especially after an accident, however don't stress. It is the underlying goal of Wayne's Auto Body to act as a liaison between the customer and the insurance company so as to reduce the amount of waiting time and hassle customers, sometimes, experience while their vehicles are being repaired. 

You will need to do this as soon as possible after the accident in order to prevent needless delays. If you are given a claim number at this time, please write it down as it will be needed if we contact the insurance company on your behalf. You should also write down the name and phone number of the person you spoke with.

Report the Claim

Our office is trained to ask you the questions that will allow us to assist you in an efficient manner in dealing with your insurance company. Because each insurance company has different procedures, the information we ask you will vary based on your circumstances.

 Wayne's Auto Body

Connecticut state law allows you to decide where you want your vehicle repaired. If any insurance company attempts to coerce or intimidate you into going to the shop they they want, remember that it is YOUR vehicle and the final decision is YOURS.

Your Car
   - Your Choice

If repairs are being paid by a company that Wayne's Auto Body does not have a specific agreement with, the insurance company will usually assign their own appraiser to write an estimate. They may do this at your home, work, or possibly a drive-in claims center. Should the estimate be incomplete, Wayne's Auto Body will contact the insurance company during repairs so the appraiser can reinspect the damage, if need be. During this re-inspection, the additional damage will be pointed out to the appraiser so that the additional costs can be approved.

If the Insurance Company writes the estimate.

In most cases, Wayne's Auto Body will bill the insurance company directly for their portion of the amount due. Some companies will mail the payment directly to you in which case, you will need to bring it with you when you pick up your completed vehicle.

A few things to keep in mind about the claims process:

Payment for Repairs

Being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatic ordeal however we strive and take pride in providing you with a favorable experience, so it's a lot less traumatic.

A small shop, but they are extremely professional. Great price and honest service. Brought my wife's car here after an accident. They really took their time to explain everything to us. Kept us informed of all repairs. Highly recommended!
Joaquin R.    ~Milford
Professional A+ service all the time. You can never go wrong with Wayne's. Excellent customer service, honest and knows his job. and reasonable too.
Mavis Q.    ~Milford
Honest, good work..He is the only auto body shop that doesn't try to scare you into something that is not needed...He's professional and on-time as he promises...
Brendan G.    ~Branford
Through many years and a few cars, I have always gotten A+ service at Wayne's. Very professional and works with your insurance carrier to get the job done right. Highly recommend their services.
Tim O.       ~Wilton
No driver wants to get into an auto collision. But if you drive long enough, it may one day happen to you. Here are some important facts that you'll need to know if a collision occurs:

Don't leave the scene.
Fleeing a collision, regardless of who caused it, could leave you open to criminal action.

Stay calm. Gather your wits and assess the situation. Try to move your vehicle off the road to prevent another accident. Call 911 in the event of serious injury.

Turn off the engine. If your engine is still running, turn it off to avoid the risk of fire. Do not smoke cigarettes, as gasoline may have spilled during the collision.

Try to alert approaching traffic. Don't put yourself at risk by standing in the road to warn oncoming traffic. Instead, place flares around the vehicle(s) and wait for help by the side of the road.

Exchange information. This should include the name, address, phone number, license number, and insurance information for everyone involved in the collision.

Gather evidence. Get the name and numbers of witnesses, and use your cell phone to take photos of the damage to all vehicles. This can often help to settle insurance claims disputes.

Do not attempt to move an injured person. Wait for emergency medical help to arrive. The only exception is removing someone from a burning vehicle or other dangerous situation.

Contact WAYNE'S Auto Body. When you're faced with an unfortunate accident, your thoughts and actions might not be clear. Contacting our professional team -- we're here to help you every step of the way. We work on your behave, get the job done right and get you back in your vehicle in no time at all.

(203) 874-5592

From accident,
to insurance,
to Wayne's
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  A uto Body , Collision & Custom Works

The best part of a bad situation - Where quality and customer service comes first.

Our Products Are Top Of The Line

At Wayne's Auto Body , we only use state-of-the-art equipment and products, such as EZ Liner for frame straightening, and a semi-downdraft paint booth for refinishing.

Our work is driven by our need to provide superior service to our customers, using only parts and equipment that are compliant with US auto industry standards. We use excellent quality paints and we apply coats, not one, and use our state-of-the-art equipment for expert application. 

At Wayne's Auto Body we'll deal with all aspects of the insurance claim, so you don't have to, as we strive to promote honesty, integrity, quality repairs, and customer satisfaction. As the owner of the vehicle, you will need to report the accident to the insurance company and from that point on Wayne's Auto Body will handle your claim from there. You can trust that we'll work with you and your insurance company to make your auto body repair experience as hassle-free as possible.